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April Showers Bring Split Leaf Flowers

In mid-March, I had a fascinating conversation with Linda Clark (Ontario, Canada). Yes, this is the same Linda who went on the amazing Texture Safari around her home. This week and next, I’ll share some of Linda’s Design Magic adventures. It’s rare that I have the opportunity to share so

Textures That Beg To Be Touched

When I started Cedar Canyon Textiles back in 1997, I was a fabric dyer. I was in love with color — and fabric dying was the perfect outlet for my creative work. Over the next 7 years, I dyed thousands of yards of fabric, in an amazing range of colors.

Linda Clark's Terrific Texture Hunt

A few weeks ago, I showed you some Stencil Brush Rubbings by Linda Clark. (You can see that article by clicking here.) I was so intrigued by Linda’s experiments that I sent her a list of questions — and I’m thrilled that she is willing to share with everyone. Here’s

Metal Embossing Tools & Supplies

In my latest ad in Quilting Arts Magazine, I  featured the Metal Embossing technique from the Rubbing Plate Roundup book.   I received messages from several Quilting Arts readers looking for the supplies for this technique. Here’s where you can find what you need: Rubbing Plate Roundup book — Cedar

Spring Painting — and a Spring Cleaning Pattern Sale

A Sneak Peek At Shelly’s New Space I am truly the luckiest woman I know. The entire lower level of our beautiful new home — ready for moving in next month — will be one big creative play space. How amazing is that? I was feeling a bit guilty about

I'm Grateful For Inbox Surprises

Two weeks ago, I posted the instructions for making Gratitude Folders. (Click here if you missed the article.) I was hoping to see some photos pop up over on our Facebook Page, but so far it has been pretty quiet. You are either being very shy about posting your pics